Clinisys enables healthier and safer communities as a global provider of intelligent laboratory informatics solutions and expertise that redefine the modern laboratory across healthcare, life sciences, public health and safety. Millions of laboratory results and data insights are generated every day using Clinisys’ platform and cloud-based solutions in over 3,500 laboratories across 34 countries.

Founded in 1988, Clinisys merged with Sunquest in 2022. In the same year, Clinisys acquired HORIZON Lab Systems and ApolloLIMS and then Promium in 2023. Our combined technologies, resources, and expertise is redefining modern laboratory across the globe. We’re transforming the modern laboratory, providing flexible and best-in-breed solutions to help streamline workflows and improve health outcomes across diverse industries. We’re committed to supporting every type of laboratory or remote testing environment – from public or private sector, in-house or outsourced.

Clinisys Laboratory Solution offers discipline-specific, laboratory information management capabilities for labs with various specializations. Enable the one or many functionalities you need from among our feature sets for the testing services your laboratory offers, now and far into the future. 

For Healthcare:

  • Clinisys Clinical Laboratory™
  • Clinisys Blood Bank Management™
  • Clinisys Anatomic Pathology Laboratory™
  • Clinisys Digital Pathology Management™
  • Clinisys Microbiology Laboratory™
  • Clinisys Genomic Laboratory™
  • Clinisys Toxicology Laboratory™
  • Clinisys Order & Results Management™
  • Clinisys Disease Surveillance™
  • Clinisys Public Health Laboratory™
Ashley Oliveros