LigoLab empowers labs nationwide to run operations transparently, efficiently


From Latin, “Ligo” means to unite or connect, and that’s precisely what LigoLab Information System does for its laboratory partners, turning them into information-driven, connected, and thriving businesses with its enterprise healthcare software solutions. 

LigoLab empowers laboratories nationwide to run their operations transparently and efficiently, providing turnkey and agile solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of all diagnostic disciplines including molecular, clinical, and anatomic pathology laboratories.

LigoLab supports and streamlines the complete life-cycle of all cases, enabling laboratories to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and transform their operations and finances. The LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform is intuitive and easy to learn, accessible from anywhere at any time, and scalable. It automates processes and eliminates human errors, drives business growth, reduces labor costs, and increases revenue and profit for laboratories of all sizes. 

LigoLab is a privately-owned company that’s headquartered in Los Angeles. Since 2006, its mission has been to develop dynamic and diverse software solutions for laboratories, helping them expand services and add revenue sources as they grow and thrive.

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Innovative and Adaptable Platform – The LigoLab platform is comprehensive and extremely flexible. It has unlimited configurability that can be tailored to support any laboratory’s needs.

Aligned Pricing Model – Unlike traditional, legacy vendors, LigoLab doesn’t require large and capital-draining upfront licensing fees. Instead, the company shares risk with its customers, investing in long-term relationships through a transactional pricing model that growing labs can leverage to scale their businesses.

Expertise and Support  – With LigoLab, users gain deep expertise, continuous improvement, and best practices in the laboratory domain, plus responsive 24/7 customer service and support.


The LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform


LigoLab Information System is a leading provider of innovative healthcare software for 100+ laboratory facilities nationwide. The LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform connects and integrates every department and lab process on one united software infrastructure. It removes data silos and ensures end-to-end data integrity for every department, including the laboratory billing services. LigoLab’s comprehensive and fully customizable platform includes powerful modules for Anatomic Pathology (AP)Clinical Pathology (CP)Molecular Diagnostics (MDx)Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C). The platform is internet-enabled, can be hosted on a local server or in the cloud, and runs on any operating system.

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The LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform gives labs the keys they need to truly unlock their revenue potential by starting the billing cycle at order inception. That’s where verification and scrubbing components are shared by both LIS and RCM modules. Real-time patient/payer data verification tools prevent rejections and denials and are seamlessly integrated into the LigoLab’s live queue-facilitated workflow. This robust and future-ready LigoLab RCM solution encompasses the following components and empowers laboratory billing teams to:

  • Manage and curtail clerical mistakes on the fly with extensive data validations/error scrubbing
  • Utilize demographic check, insurance discovery, and eligibility verification tools in real-time
  • Embrace full bi-directional synchronization with third-party services such as:

1. Mailing companies
2. Clearinghouses
3. NPI registry
4. Payment processors

  • Employ an extensive rule-driven claim scrubbing engine with:

1. AMA and Medicare policies
2. Custom commercial payer requirements
3. Individual client billing provisions

  • Minimize labor cost through automatic coding and TC/PC splitting
  • Administer regulatory compliance protocol at every stage
  • Apply quality assurance throughout the entire RCM with a comprehensive audit trail
  • Ensure high visibility with real-time data processing workflow queues
  • Improve denial/appeal management with a robust rule engine
  • Increase revenue with complete accounts receivable control and accessibility
  • Engage with powerful data processing tools and gain accounting insight
  • Create detailed statistical reports and dashboards to monitor trends and KPI’s

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