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Founded in 1995, TELCOR is a leader of healthcare software solutions for point of care (POC) and laboratory revenue cycle management (RCM).

Point of care, TELCOR QML® is the most flexible solution on the market today. Facilities can connect any device, at any location and connect to any host system. TELCOR has connected more than 10,000 device types at more than 2,500 hospitals and thousands of ambulatory sites.

Revenue cycle management, our software and service are designed to increase collections, reduce expenses and provide real-time data analytics. Our software tackles the unique challenges and requirements of laboratory specialties and the clients they serve, including hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, pharmacology businesses and clinics. Our service offers complete access and transparency to the lab’s billing data. With complete visibility, our unique offering provides the highest returns for our customers.


  • Standard office hours of 7 am – 7 PM CT with after-hours support as needed.
  • It is our promise to keep the application current which is driven by customer requests and industry demands.
  • Our commitment is to our customers to evolve our product as the industry continues to change.
  • TELCOR RCM provides unparalleled analytics to identify trends and monitor key performance indicators to make timely, informed decisions.
  • Easily track and trend denials with TELCOR RCM to maximize patient billing and streamline client billing.
  • Built to allow for incredible flexibility, TELCOR RCM optimally automates workflow with the minimum amount of resources.
  • TELCOR provides a safe, secure and flexible solution meeting all of your point of care management needs.
  • TELCOR is the only open middleware vendor who is not owned by a device or LIS vendor. You can connect any device type to any LIS or EMR.
  • TELCOR QML is the most flexible solution on the market today. Your facility can connect any device, at any location, connecting to any host system all while being able to accommodate your workflow.


TELCOR QML®, an open vendor system, connects an extensive list of devices and LIS/EMRs, running unattended 24x7x365. The open vendor approach offers the ability to select devices from any manufacturer, enables additions and replacements to be implemented without downtime, and does not limit device selections to a single manufacturer. QML features automated alerts, management by exception, operator testing privileges, automated operator and patient lists to devices and operator certification tracking and documentation. QML provides unlimited data mining, patient and QC result management, statistics and metrics reporting, and hundreds of configuration options required to meet the unique requirements of point of care testing program.

TELCOR Professional Services can be used to supplement many lab functions for the lab to do what it does best—provide fast and accurate healthcare services to patients. To achieve maximum success, a lab’s billing solution must be incorporated into a comprehensive business strategy. Several factors contribute to a successful business strategy, such as knowledgeable billing staff, tactical business management and streamlined processes. TELCOR offers Professional Services to assist customers with reaching their goals or resolving gaps in areas such as business management consulting, project management, billing staff development and education, process optimization and data analytic assistance.

TELCOR RCM, a customer-managed SaaS solution, helps organizations become more efficient and improve collections for the services they provide. Our single solution helps improve workflow by integrating many common functions, typically performed using multiple applications. Labs can easily identify trends as well as drill down to specific pieces of data with the powerful rules engine integrated throughout the application. Whether an independent reference lab, a pathology practice, an outreach lab or a public health lab, TELCOR RCM is the most secure solution in the market, providing the tools to overcome tough billing challenges and improve profitability.

TELCOR Revenue Cycle Services, a TELCOR-managed billing service, combines our industry-leading RCM SaaS solution with our talented, engaged billing specialists optimizing collections and fulfills your revenue cycle. Our billing service is a hybrid solution allowing the lab and TELCOR to work as a team. Our billing specialists are available for troubleshooting, answering questions and configuration management. When you call, you will speak to a qualified TELCOR billing specialist without navigating through an automated phone system. Call as frequently as you need; unlimited technical support hours are included with your service. This unique offering provides the highest returns for our customers.


“The service at TELCOR is incredible. Very responsive and responding in ways that we know will make a difference. If there’s something we’ve submitted that we’re unsure of or we don’t know how, they’re willing to set up a demonstration or get on the phone and do a WebEx with us almost immediately so we can learn that process as soon as possible.”
–Jeanette Gray, ProPath Services, LLP

“It was very clear that TELCOR had the right system for us and what we were looking for was a SaaS model with flexibility and customizations to fit our practice and also scalability for us to grow in the future.”
–Dr. Lucas Campbell, Northwest Arkansas Pathology

“TELCOR has gone from just a software program to a real community and support system, realized through their user group conference and the way they assist with any sort of community outreach that the laboratory groups need.”
–Julia Diaz, Western Pathology Associates, LTD


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