XIFIN optimizing the economic value of healthcare


XIFIN is an innovative software and services company dedicated to optimizing the economic value of healthcare. We believe this vision is the key to unlocking a world where healthcare operates with efficiency and makes informed, optimized decisions, where information helps build healthy organizations and deliver the best care and patient outcomes possible. Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions that enable healthcare providers to drive out costs while maximizing value from their financial operations.

Our cloud-based platform offers real-time connectivity, workflow automation, data exchange, and actionable insights through our revenue cycle management, precision medicine informatics, laboratory information systems, and digital pathology consultation solutions. Optimize high volume and complex testing labs and improve financial performance and visibility with XIFIN.


  • Optimize RCM and billing and accounts receivable reimbursement and reduce regulatory compliance risk with intelligently automated revenue workflow, comprehensive analytics and business intelligence, and advanced, AI-enabled and cloud-based technology.
  • Increase laboratory testing capacity, shorten turnaround time, create new revenue stream opportunities and connect more easily to other healthcare partners with cloud-based LIS platform that offers multi-specialty workflows and collaboration tools necessary to support precision medicine programs.
  • Integrate clinical, diagnostic and financial data, and enabling healthcare professionals to gain insight, make decisions, and improve care and outcomes with precision medicine informatics platform.
  • Digital pathology platform enables the exchange and management of key healthcare images, data and reports to aggregate patient and diagnostic information, optimize collaborative workflows across and between enterprises, and facilitate peer and case review, quality assurance, consultation and treatment planning.


• Revenue Cycle Management: XIFIN RPM

Powered by our advanced, cloud-based technology platform, XIFIN RPM maximizes reimbursements and cash collections through integrated capabilities. These include robust workflow automation, enhanced patient and client portals, and additional business intelligence solutions, including AI-enabled advanced analytics and insurance discovery.

• Laboratory Information System: XIFIN LIS

XIFIN LIS, a scalable SaaS-based laboratory information system (LIS) that offers multi-specialty workflows, including next-generation sequencing, and enables labs to perform testing in support of clinical trials through an integrated and interoperable platform. Increase laboratory testing capacity, shorten turnaround time, create new revenue stream opportunities and connect more easily to other healthcare partners.

• Precision Medicine Informatics: VisualStrata

VisualStrata® is the only precision medicine informatics platform on the market that curates and visualizes diagnostic, clinical, image and financial data across the patient journey through diagnosis, treatment and outcomes. VisualStrata uniquely collates structured and unstructured data from disparate systems into a single source, providing healthcare professionals with deeper insights into optimal disease treatments and driving personalized care decisions.

• Digital Pathology Consultation: XIFIN ProNet

XIFIN ProNet delivers powerful private and public physician consultation capabilities including universal image management. In today’s world, the need for online consultation tools has never been greater. XIFIN ProNet helps break down communication silos so diagnostic service providers can consult with colleagues inside and outside of their networks, across campus and around the world, in real time.


XIFIN solutions are used by a wide range of laboratories, radiology providers, and medical device companies.
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